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Product Engineer 产品工程师 (CFC) [ 投诉职位 ]






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  • 工作地点:上海市
  • 要求行业:机械制造、机电设备、重工业
  • 年龄要求:18~60岁
  • 要求学历:本科
  • 招聘人数:4人
  • 工作经验:3年以上
  • 专业要求:不限


Entity/Dept :CFC
Salary Grade:P22
(Provide any statistical information relevant to the position that may enhance the understanding of the job. For supervisory positions indicate the number of people supervised, the total who report through other supervisors, and management of external 3rd parties. Other data may include the value of assets entrusted to the position, operation budgets, sales volume, profit responsibility , and regular assignment of cross functional/cross business responsibilities.)
(State the primary reason for the job, preferable in one or two sentences)
Perform IT management and provide IT leadership for the East Asia ABO .

(Summary 7 to 10 of the most important duties. Begin each sentence with an action verb; e.g. completes, determines, stimulates, facilitates , etc. Each action statement should conclude with an end result)
1. Work closely with APAC (Asia Pacific) Product Engineer (US based) to design and release new or reverse-engineered APAC products and systems.
2. Conduct and/or coordinate product design, drafting, prototyping, lab testing and analyzing tasks with US based APAC Product Engineer.
3. Develop and manage Engineering Outsourcing by liaising with APAC JV engineering and other APAC engineering service providers.
4. Release new products through APAC and/or corporate Product Engineering release process.
5. Resolve quality related product problems.
6. Implement cost reductions using Six Sigma methodology and other tools.
7. Provide Customer engineering support to APAC entities and functions to meet external & internal APAC Product development needs.
8. Provide leadership and participate in the VPI process.
9. Assist Engineering Leader (Australia based) with the development of new processes, proposals and projects.

( List the education/training, experiences , culture/language and other skills/ competencies required for the position .)
Bachelor Degree in Mechanical Engineering or equivalent technical Degree.
Working experience
1. At least 3-5 years experience in engine exhaust system and/or air intake system related area.
2. Project management skill.
3. Self-empowerment in virtual team environment

Communication with English speaking stakeholders in different time zones
Other requirement
1. AutoCAD and/or Pro-E skills.
2. MS Office skills.
3. Overseas travel - US and Asia Pacific countries

Skill Matrices :
List the skills neccesary to perform the job and required level for each skill .
Matrix I
Generic skills : This category includes all the fundamental skills which apply to all organization levels .
Matrix II
Technical/professional skills & knowledge : this category includes all the professional skills and knowledge the position requires . Line managers should reinforce the contents according to the specific job nature
Matrix III
Management / leadership skills : This category includes all Cummins leadership skills sets ( lead, coach , manage ) which apply to all levels of leadership .
Proficiency level
A = awareness : should know about the skill
U = user : confident , able to use skil on job
S = specialist : proficient and able to perform at advance level
E = expert : leading authority of this skill and its application




Cummins Filtration, a wholly owned subsidiary of Cummins Inc., is the leading worldwide designer and manufacturer of filtration products and exhaust systems for heavy-duty diesel powered equipment. We operate 23 production plants in nine countries, design and manufacture more than 7,000 filtration products, along with 3,500 exhaust system products, coolant, fuel additive and other chemicals. These products are spread to the world through 15 distribution centers and 23,000 dealers in more than 150 countries.

In China, Cummins Filtration consists of one wholly-owned company and two joint ventures. They are Cummins Filtration (China), Shanghai Fleetguard Filter Co., Ltd and Xiangfan Fleetguard Exhaust System Co., Ltd.

Located in Shanghai Pudong New Area, Cummins Filtration (Shanghai) is a new production plant which produces filtration medium and final product with first-class quality. To meet the increasing need for advanced filtration technology in China and Asia Pacific Region, this plant will adopt Cummins Filtration’s most advanced technology.

We are focused on our customers ' key requirements. Our technologically advanced products allow the engine to run longer, increase efficiency, reduce emission and be easier disposal and more friendly to our environment. Our goal is to lower our customers ' total operating costs-acquisition cost, usage cost, inventory cost and disposal cost to increase the value added by our product and service.





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